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Australian Themed A to Z Tiles

Australian Themed A to Z Tiles


Sold by 5 Little Bears
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5 Little Bears

Leanne is the Director of the business & mum to 5 boys (hence the name 5 Little Bears!).  She’s the graphic designer, millworker, ideas woman, printer & engraver whizz!  In her spare time (ha!) she’s making bees wax polish on her stove top and gluing up a storm on her dining table!

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    26 pieces – approx. 8 x 8 cm each ($2.20/unit)

    3yrs +

    This set of 26 brightly coloured tiles feature printed images of Australian themed objects, including their name in NSW Foundation font.  This is one half of the Australian A to Z Matching Puzzle but can be used as a beautiful set of flash cards to showcase & teach children about our unique flora and fauna.

    This resource promotes language and literacy skills and also encourages observational skills and discussion.

    This puzzle comes in its own organza drawstring bag.

    Made using 3mm plywood, this is an all Australian Made And Owned product.