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Bath Teabag Collection

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Bath Teabag Collection


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Mae Laine Bath Products

Mae Laine Bath Products – Made by hand in the heart of the Hunter Valley, using the best seasonal and all-natural ingredients, these small batch bath salts promise to take you on a ‘journey of health, wellness and self-care, inspiring moments of relaxation in everyday life.’ Owner Kylie tells a little about the range: “Our signature LOVE Bath Teabag is all about unconditional selflove and has a keepsake of Rose Quartz Crystals for natural wellness and healing, while our sea salt blend, Serene, makes you feel like you are walking through the Australian bush. Our new blend due for release this Spring is called Relax.”

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    The aromatic essence of each unique small batch blend provides a luxurious skin + soul experience. Embrace Bath Teabag 120 g with the keepsake of Citrine Crystals, Harmony Bath Teabag 120 g with the keepsake of Amethyst Crystals and Love Bath Teabag 120 g with the keepsake of Rose Quartz Crystals

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