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BLOOM Tea Blend Eco-Pouch

BLOOM Tea Blend Eco-Pouch


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Resonance Tea

Artisan herbal tea blends that will infuse your soul with good vibes. resonance tea are hand blended and crafted tea blends from Scone in NSW's Upper Hunter Valley. Bursting with radiant flavour these teas will capture a little bit of your heart and a whole lot of your palate. We aim to not only be good, but do good and are an eco conscious company committed to minimising our environmental impact while supporting wildlife sanctuaries with our profits. Our blends aren't just teas, they're a mood.

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    BLOOM 100g (92 single use serves, can be rebrewed 2 times)

    BLOOM has a delicate rose bouquet that will delight your palate & senses. Perfect for a afternoon tea or anytime of the day when you want to treat yourself

    Mood: Whimsical

    Tea Personality: The Romantic

    She is a delight to behold and savour. A believer in love and a nurturer at heart. Dewy eyed with a voice like morning song, birds flutter and hover as she passes and her aura glimmers in the light.

    She glistens.

    Tea Ingredients
    The following ingredients were selected for these reasons when crafting this tea blend:

    organic honeybush: described as a floral and slightly roasted flavour reminiscent of honey this caffeine free tea provides the perfrect building blocks for this blend
    organic pink rose petals: Pink rather than red rose petals for a softer more romantic feel while giving a rosewater component to the tea
    organic apple bits: a little bit of crisp sweetness to balance the tea
    organic hibiscus: enhances the colour and provides a tart contrast

    The blends are crafted and tested multiple times before we reach the final mix. Once we love it we then release it to you. The discarded leaves from our small trial batches are sprinkled while we package your tea, as a ‘tea confetti’ to enhance your unboxing experience and share the tea love.

    Pouch contains 100g Bloom tea blend

    Caffeine Free

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