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Chilli Relish Range

Chilli Relish Range


Sold by Destiny Haven
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Destiny Haven

The Diamond Collection by Destiny Haven is a boutique range of quality products handmade in the Hunter Valley, made with love and care by the women staying at Destiny Haven, a not for profit initiative to help these women – the Diamonds – overcome addictions, eating disorders, abusive relationships or traumatic life experiences. It is a residential place of healing that provides professional physical and emotional nurturing. All proceeds of the social enterprise go to providing facilities and support to the Diamonds (women) of Destiny Haven. The collection includes exclusive chocolate, exquisite gourmet condiments and preserves made with locally grown fruit and vegetables, unique jewellery pieces and handmade bags available in a variety of patterns.

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Keep the winter chills away with our popular range of Diamond Collection chilli relish. Made using fresh, home grown ingredients, our chilli relish blends different types of chilli for the best flavour. There is one hot enough for your taste, whether you like 1/10 mild, 5/10 medium or 10/10 hot or even 12/10 fiery hot!

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