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Essential Body Lotion 500ml

Essential Body Lotion 500ml


Sold by Essential Skincare Co
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Essential Skincare Co

Beauty therapist Hollie Farcash learned the hard way what over use of industrially produced skincare products can do to your skin, so she went on a quest to discover the key ingredients that had triggered the negative reaction, “the toxic load” as she calls it, to create a refined, simple skincare solution suitable for all skin types. Essential Skincare is a clean, simple fragrance-free skincare range for even the most sensitive of skins; a product I needed and wanted to use on myself, my children and my clients who had troubled skin. Designed as a product range for the whole family, versatile and effective, it comprises just six wonderfully luxurious and nourishing base products. Passionate about skincare (and the occasional wine and cheese night), the self-confessed perfectionist says “I wanted to create a luxe but affordable range of skincare products. Nothing makes me happier than sharing my experience and knowledge about skincare, health and wellbeing to help people change their lives for the better.

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    Essential Skincare Co’s Body Lotion is a silky, all-over body moisturiser that replenishes and rejuvenates your skin from head to toe. It’s formulated to deliver the vital moisture that your skin craves.