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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Sold by Belarna Grove
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Belarna Grove

Broke based Belarna Grove produce a range of table olives, olive oils and gourmet vinegars. With their own olive groves and relentless attention to sustainable growing and processing methods it's farmgate to plate at its best.

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The year’s best olives go to make the best olive oil – cold pressed to retain freshness and bottled without filtering. Nothing added or taken way: just natural fresh olive oil. Only available for part of the year as the freshness fades with time. Sorry – that is nature for you!

As with all my gourmet vinegar and olive oils, I make two sizes: the classic 250ml size ($18) and a handy 100ml ($12) size. I can also supply Unfiltered Extra Virgin Olive Oil in larger packaging on request: please email me. Delivered by courier anywhere in Australia. Free delivery for orders totaling over $60!

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