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Family Favourite Seasoning Pack – FREE SHIPPING

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Family Favourite Seasoning Pack – FREE SHIPPING


Sold by Alsa Fine Food Ingredients
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Alsa Fine Food Ingredients

Driven by their passion for food, Vanessa and her son Allen produce wonderful spice blends and rubs, inspired by their travels and made with the finest ingredients from around the world. With over 20 years’ experience in the food industry, Alsa Fine Foods provide MSG and Gluten free blends that are balanced, flavourful and incredibly easy to use. So good, their 30+ recipe blends will excite even the most sophisticated gourmet’s taste buds.

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    Selection of Seasonings and Rubs the whole Family will love.

    There are always the fussy eaters in the family household. This pack includes a selection of sweet and savory flavors. This pack includes 4 of our finest:

    1 x Honey and Herb Seasoning

    European inspired, it is a family flavour. A good balance between sweet and savoury makes kids of any age enjoy their food with this spice mix.

    1 x Lemon Pepper Seasoning

    A Mediterranean inspired handcrafted blend that will lift the flavor on any chicken or seafood dishes. A well-known a popular spice blend that has a nice lemon flavor mixed with the savouriness from sea salt.

    1 x Dukkah

    The word “Dukkah,” which is derived from the Arabic for “to crush” or “to pound” aptly describes the coarse mixture.

    Our Dukkah is mixture of roasted nuts including almonds, hazelnuts, pine nuts and seeds.Mixed with our gourmet spice blend, this has strong nutty and Moroccan spice like aroma

    1 x Honey Mustard Seasoning

    A well known family favourite. This has a sweet honey mustard flavor. Try this vibrant yellow spice blend for a rub for chicken or use it for a stir-fry to bring out its juicy sweet sauce.


    Other Information:


    Dukkah – Tree Nuts (Almond, Pine Nuts, Hazelnuts), Sesame Seeds,

    Honey Mustard – Milk Powder

    How to use:

    Rubs – Rub 60-80g of seasoning on 1kg of meat. Apply equivalent amount of oil on top. Set for 30 mins before pan fry or grill. Or use as taste required.

    Dukkah – Traditional use involves dipping bread into olive oil and then to the Dukkah spice blend. Alternatively, this can be used as a seasoning. Sprinkle evenly on the finished dishes such as avocado & toast, crispy tofu, eggs, salads, salmon and lamb chops.Use as taste required.

    Jar Size:


    All products are MSG and Gluten Free

    These packs are exclusive to and includes “FREE SHIPPING” Australia wide.

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