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Femme Pétale Single Species Flower Arrangement – Store pickup only

Femme Pétale Single Species Flower Arrangement – Store pickup only


Sold by Femme Pétale
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Femme Pétale

Housed in a historic building within a Parisian inspired cafe is an intimate space that is the Femme Pétale floral studio. Owner Caryn draws on her experience of luxury goods from her career as a model for Australia’s leading fashion designers. She is intentional with her choice of materials, puts quality at the heart of everything she does and creates with the conviction that beauty is unique.

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There is beauty in simplicity.

These arrangements are created with one type of flower.

Please allow us to select quality flowers for you based on the market availability each day.


Femme Pétale is located at 245 High St, Maitland



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