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Havana Home Wick Trimmer

Havana Home Wick Trimmer


Sold by Havana Home

Havana Home

Havana Home is the culmination of owner Judith Bruce's lifelong love of fragrance and candles and wonderful memories of a childhood in central western New South Wales. Although it has taken a very twisty path, the journey to this point began in central New South Wales on a farm.  Being a kid on a farm does give you time to explore your senses and watch the craft of those around you. While searching for the perfect home candle, I realised that many of the expensive; well known brands were using paraffin wax which infuriated me.  As a mum and someone who is very careful with toxins I believe, w e deserve better than that.  I knew that I had to create my own fragrance for the home and that I had to make it the least toxic and best quality that I could, and that is how the journey began. For the past three years I have been striving to bring you the best Australian Made Beautiful Soy Candles.  Recently I have been collaborating with Female Australian Artists on my packaging.  With the aim of bringing you the most beautiful product I can and of course supporting these very talented creatives.

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    The Havana Home wick trimmer is designed to keep your wicks at the perfect length.  It will also lift the trimmings out of the candle so that you don’t have any wick debris fall into your wax.

    Remember to read our candle care tips for getting the most out of your candle.

    Your safety & enjoyment is our main concern, please consider the following when using your Havana Home beautiful soy candle:-

    • Always burn within sight.
    • Keep candle away from things that catch fire.
    • Keep candle out of reach of kids and pets.


    • Prevent blackening on the glass from forming by trimming the wick before each use.  Trim wicks will also increase the burn time of your candle.
Do not use the candle if there are cracks in the glass.
    • Use the provided lid when the candle is not in use to protect it from dust.
    • The ideal way to extinguish your candle is to hold your forefinger between the candle and your mouth when you blow it out. This creates an even distribution of “wind” around your flame which will improve the performance of your candle.

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