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Hive Tour Gift Voucher

Hive Tour Gift Voucher


Sold by Urban Hum
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Urban Hum

Urban Hum – Anna and Kelly, owners of this artisan beekeeping enterprise in Newcastle, are passionate beekeepers committed to the health and well-being of their honeybees. “Our bees come first,” they say, “And that is reflected in our management practices and ethical honey production. Working alongside our bees, we produce delicious urban honey in the heart of the city.” Each jar is unique to the suburb it’s made in, boasting small batch production and single hive origin. Beeswax, a precious by-product of the honey extraction process, is used for their natural balms, including surfboard wax and mozzie repellent.

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    Look inside a working beehive

    Ever wanted to look inside a beehive and see a honeybee colony in action? Book a spot in a hive tour, and suit up to look under the hood of a hive with Apiarist Kelly for a unique insider experience. The two-hour tour includes a talk all about the amazing world of honeybees followed by gearing up to get hands-on with working hives in our Mayfield Teaching Apiary.

    Ages 10 and up.

    Gift Voucher is a digital download.


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