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Large Circular Pressed Flower Earrings, Gold and Silver

Large Circular Pressed Flower Earrings, Gold and Silver


Sold by Elysian Petals
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Elysian Petals

Elysian Petals is a small business that prides itself on quality, hand-made, artisanal jewellery that would make the perfect gift for someone special - whether that “someone special” be another person, or you! Owner and founder Laura creates all her pieces with special care and attention-to-detail for each one. The flowers used in her floral jewellery are hand-picked Australian grown flowers, carefully dried and preserved in resin, so that their beauty will last for years to come. All of the beaded earrings that are crafted by Elysian Petals contain genuine gemstone beads. We hope that you (or your lucky someone special) will cherish this jewellery, and enjoy wearing it for special occasions or to brighten up your everyday outfits.

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Each pair of these earrings are handmade using locally sourced seasonal flowers, which are then pressed and encased in resin so that they look beautiful for years to come!

As these earrings are handmade expect small variations in colour as no two flowers are exactly the  same.

These earrings are made from either platinum plated brass (with hooks available in sterling silver or silver plated brass), or gold plated brass (with hooks available in gold plated sterling silver or gold plated brass).