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Lavender Coconut Body Scrub

Lavender Coconut Body Scrub


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Scrubb°n Body

Hey guys! My name is Bonnie and I am obsessed with having soft, smooth and glowing skin. I've had the idea to make scrubs, lip balms and bath salts for a while now and decided to bring this idea to life as it's something I love to use and wanted to bring the love of these things to those around me too. These products are homemade and handcrafted with natural ingredients in each product. Every product is also edible so don't stress if it happens to go in your mouth while pampering away. Not only will these products keep you free from dry and dead skin, but you'll leave your bathroom feeling moisturised due to the essential oils and coconut oil in each jar of goodness. Thank you so much for your support and I hope you love everything in these jars as much as I do. Now, lets get naked and start scrubbon!

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    Be silky smooth and scrub yourself to peacefulness with this beautiful scrub blend.
    Ingredients: coconut oil, lavender essential oil, cane sugar, brown sugar, pink himalayan salt, water, honey, natural food colouring