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Lightening Cross Sterling Silver Pendant (limited run exclusive to Buy Hunter)

Lightening Cross Sterling Silver Pendant (limited run exclusive to Buy Hunter)


Sold by Sir Stag Jewellery
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Sir Stag Jewellery

Noticing a lack of creativity in men’s jewellery, and in the midst of a major career change, owner Marieke launched Sir Stag Jewellery, offering handcrafted pieces in an array of materials: precious and semi-precious metals, gemstones, wood, leather and contemporary materials such as resins, ceramics and plastics. From her Telarah workshop she sources her materials locally, where possible, and has a preference for recycled materials. “I love to design and make individual pieces especially for that hard-to-buy-for man”, Marieke says smiling. Applying a variety of traditional jeweller’s techniques, including organic casting, lost wax casting and hand fabrication, she creates very short run and one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story.

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Be struck by the uniqueness of the Lightening Cross Sterling Silver Pendant.

Get away from the small and insignificant with this masculine piece.

The Story – One of the reasons I love working with metal is how it looks and what it does when you apply a torch to its surface. Seeing the metal transform and discolour is extraordinary.  The lightening cross is formed using 100% recycled sterling silver. It is cut into the basic shape, then heated until it glows white hot and molten.  The surface then takes on a cratered pitted appearance, after it is bathed in acid to remove surface scale it is then planished.

Each cross is 100% recycled solid sterling silver with an approximate weight of 7 grams and is 3cm by 6.5cm

These items are exclusive to and include “FREE SHIPPING” Australia Wide


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