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Outback Spice Rub

Outback Spice Rub


Sold by Oz Tukka
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Oz Tukka

    Discover the abundant array of edible native plants in our midst. A sensory celebration of aromatic bush tucker flavours such as Wattleseed, Pepper Berry, Aniseed Myrtle and more! ~ Oz Tukka is 100% Australian owned and all products are produced in the picturesque coastal village of Redhead in the Hunter region of NSW. We specialise in authentic Australian flavours also known as bush food, bush tucker (tukka) or Australian native spices. The range of unique and multi award-winning products includes native bush food spices, macadamia nut oils, macadamia nut dukkah, spice mixes and gluten free muffin mixes. Oz Tukka endeavours to source as much product as possible in a way that supports Aboriginal enterprises. Our premises and production are certified the highly recognised standard of HACCP, which meets the requirements of food authorities.

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    This spice mix features Bush Tomato, Native Mint and Aniseed Myrtle. A robust flavour with sizzle inspired by the rugged terrain of the Outback.

    The different flavours from the native spices complement each other and are well balanced with paprika and tomato.

    Perfect rub, wet or dry.

    For beef, pork, lamb, vegetables, pasta, dressings and salads.