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Raw Honey Cardiff

Raw Honey Cardiff


Sold by Urban Hum
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Urban Hum

Urban Hum – Anna and Kelly, owners of this artisan beekeeping enterprise in Newcastle, are passionate beekeepers committed to the health and well-being of their honeybees. “Our bees come first,” they say, “And that is reflected in our management practices and ethical honey production. Working alongside our bees, we produce delicious urban honey in the heart of the city.” Each jar is unique to the suburb it’s made in, boasting small batch production and single hive origin. Beeswax, a precious by-product of the honey extraction process, is used for their natural balms, including surfboard wax and mozzie repellent.

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    All our honey is raw. In simple terms this means it has never been heated at any stage of its processing. When honey is heated its phenomenal nutritional value is significantly reduced. That’s why we don’t do it. Honey is the only food that contains all the amino acids and nutrients essential for life so we don’t want to mess with nature’s perfect food.

    Please note the honey may vary in colour. It may also crystalise as it is not heat treated. It is just as the bees made it.

    We only coarse filter our honey too. That means that all the goodness of the pollen the bees have collected is right there in our honey, adding to its health benefits. Raw honey will usually crystallise or candy over time. Rest assured this is a natural part of honey ageing, and your honey is not off. Honey is the only food that has an infinite shelf life. You can stand it in warm water if you want to soften it or even put it in the gentle sun but we think it tastes great no matter what.

    The colour of the honey may vary from the image shown.



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