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Red Head Match Sterling Silver Pendant (one-of-a-kind exclusive to Buy Hunter)

Red Head Match Sterling Silver Pendant (one-of-a-kind exclusive to Buy Hunter)


Sold by Sir Stag Jewellery
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Sir Stag Jewellery

Noticing a lack of creativity in men’s jewellery, and in the midst of a major career change, owner Marieke launched Sir Stag Jewellery, offering handcrafted pieces in an array of materials: precious and semi-precious metals, gemstones, wood, leather and contemporary materials such as resins, ceramics and plastics. From her Telarah workshop she sources her materials locally, where possible, and has a preference for recycled materials. “I love to design and make individual pieces especially for that hard-to-buy-for man”, Marieke says smiling. Applying a variety of traditional jeweller’s techniques, including organic casting, lost wax casting and hand fabrication, she creates very short run and one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story.

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Pair this stylish ignition pendant with any outfit, whether business or casual, for a polished and masculine look. The thoughtful handmade design makes this a one-of-a-kind sterling silver accessory.

The Story – This idea came out of wax carving one rainy afternoon and express my pension for Redheads. Just a bit of fun.

“Redheads” are an Australian brand of safety matches, originally manufactured by Bryant and May in Richmond, Victoria unfortunately like a lot of other top-selling Australian brands is now owned by an off shore company.  Redheads were first produced by Bryant & May in Australia in 1909. The Redhead name refers to the red striking-heads of the matches. The logo on the matchbox depicts the head and left shoulder of a redhead woman, and has had four major updates since its introduction, with a number of special issues also produced.

Both pieces were created using lost wax casting method, high polished and capped with red resin.  The Long piece is 11 grams of solid sterling silver while the shorter piece is 10 grams.

These are one-of-a-kind pieces exclusive to and include FREE SHIPPING.

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