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Somerford Naturals Offal Stick Dog Treats

Somerford Naturals Offal Stick Dog Treats


Sold by The Pet Shop Boyz
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The Pet Shop Boyz

The Pet Shop Boyz is leading the way in a new holistic approach to pet care and wellbeing. From pet food to pet behaviour and all things in between, The Pet Shop Boyz is your one-stop-shop for giving your furry loved ones the best in life.   We offer more than your normal pet store. We’re passionate about pets. With an extensive range of food, nutrition and pet products, we also offer advice, education and real-life experience to help your pet thrive. Whether in person, on the phone or across the internet, we’re always eager to share our knowledge and love for all things pet!   Sourcing fresh, local ingredients, we have developed our Somerford Raw & Natural pet food and treat products. This food is what your dog and cat were evolved to eat. We have the largest range of single protein raw food varieties available - a nutritious mix of raw meats, fruits, vegetables and healthy wellbeing supplements. These are available either in person at our store or via our convenient national refrigerated home delivery service.   Independently Australian owned and based in Newcastle, NSW, we’d love for you to experience our excellent customer service either in-store or online soon.

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    Our Offal Sticks contain only natural ingredients, available in Rabbit, Lamb, Chicken or Mixed Packs.

    Hard outer skin filled with offal a favorite among all pets!







    100% meats and are dehydrated to optimal conditions.

    All treats contain natural proteins, natural vitamins, minerals and essential fats for your pets well-being.

    Somerford Raw treats are free from any preservatives, artificial colours or wheat, so they not only taste irresistible, but they are also great for your pets well-being!

    Ingredients: Beef Trachea with offal from Rabbit, Lamb, Chicken or Beef

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