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Spotto Books – CLASSIC

Spotto Books – CLASSIC


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Spotto Books

Hi, I'm Outback Jess. I am a local Hunter Author with a background in tourism across Australia. I have created a series of books to entertain passengers while travelling around the Hunter Region, and beyond. Long drives in Australia are unavoidable and boredom creeps in. That’s why I created Spotto Books, to keep you looking out the window to help time fly. Spotto Books are proudly printed in Australia. This affordable series of books is fun and educational. Let your little ones learn about animals, places, vehicles and iconic things in Australia while you are driving. Get yours today to keep the boredom away.

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    Spotto Books are a series of books to use in the car to stop boredom.

    SPOTTO CLASSIC can be used daily, every time you’re in the car.

    It has stemmed from the age old classic SPOTTO game. Every time you see a yellow car you call out SPOTTO.

    CLASSIC Spotto includes yellow cars, yellow buses, yellow trucks, yellow bikes, yellow boats, yellow signs, and many random yellow things.

    There are 88 yellow pictures to spot, it will keep you looking out the window and help time fly.

    Will you spot them all?

    FREE DELIVERY within Australia.

    Local Hunter Author and Photographer Outback Jess proudly prints all her books in Australia.

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