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Stag Signature Wristwear

Stag Signature Wristwear


Sold by Sir Stag Jewellery
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Sir Stag Jewellery

Noticing a lack of creativity in men’s jewellery, and in the midst of a major career change, owner Marieke launched Sir Stag Jewellery, offering handcrafted pieces in an array of materials: precious and semi-precious metals, gemstones, wood, leather and contemporary materials such as resins, ceramics and plastics. From her Telarah workshop she sources her materials locally, where possible, and has a preference for recycled materials. “I love to design and make individual pieces especially for that hard-to-buy-for man”, Marieke says smiling. Applying a variety of traditional jeweller’s techniques, including organic casting, lost wax casting and hand fabrication, she creates very short run and one-of-a-kind pieces that tell a story.

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Complete any outfit with the Classic Stag Signature Wristwear

A simply classic accessory that will suit every occasion this leather, sterling silver and stainless steel will never go out of style.

The story – This piece was born out of the desire to create an elegant piece that could be worn on any occasion, was durable and easy to wear.  So therefore it has the supple comfort of leather cords highlighted with sterling silver.  The durability of leather and silver marry perfectly with the quality pf a stainless steel watch clasp.  All-in-all a piece that will have your man looking a million dollars.

Available in either classic Brown or Black leather with sterling silver highlights and stainless steel watch clasp.

This piece comes in lengths from 18 to 22 cm ideal for any wrist size. If you need the piece longer or shorter just let me know your measurements, happy to customize it for you.