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My Souk Drawer

My Souk Drawer – this small spice provedore produces the freshest and most original specialist range of wholesale & retail spice blends available in the Hunter. Interpreting traditional spice blend recipes through research and refinement over years, each one now even contains a portion of Australian Bush Tucker, or in the case of the Bodacious Bush Blend, 7! Starting with the original components which were dictated by the historical trade routes they expand on these by using modern access to ingredients from around the world in an attempt to make the best and most unique expression of these time-honoured blends for our trending tastes and purposes. Hand-made locally by Novocastrians, they are competitively priced and offer unique aromas and flavours to take your culinary efforts to the highest level.

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There are as many variations in spelling of this Middle eastern spice as there are recipes. Dip fresh bread, sprinkle on eggs, coat chicken kebabs, use on pizza. Use in meats, on meats, on vegetables, salads or even popcorn. The options are endless.

Ingredients – Sumac, Thyme, Sesame Seed, Oregano, Cumin, Coriander, Fennel Seed, Ajwain Seed, Caraway Seeds, Paprika, Turmeric, Myrtle, Wattle Seed, Saffron.

Warning: This product does contain traces of nuts and/or seeds.